Say My Name, Say My Name

We’re Disciple Labs. Not DiscipleLabs, Discipleship Labs, disciplelabs, DISCIPLELABS, or Disciplelabs. When using our name in text, it should always be two words, written in title case.


I Never Forget A Face

The Disciple Labs logo exists in two versions: black and white. When using our logo, give it room to breathe with plenty of white space.





Don’t Make Me Stop This Car

There are few things that you shouldn’t do. Never use any logos or images to represent Disciple Labs other than images provided here. Never modify our logo in any way like changing colors, applying effects, or stretching/shrinking the proportions. Never use the logo in a way that would imply affiliation of your product or service to Disciple Labs without an official partner agreement in place.


This One's For You Kid

We've done the hard work for you. Our media kit includes screenshots of our software, feature descriptions, and even answers to common interview questions from our CEO for you to use.

Download our full media kit here