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Don't Leave Discipleship To Chance

As ministry leaders ourselves, we know that when it comes to discipleship, all of us can be doing better. But, with busy schedules and the ever-increasing demands of ministry life, we often settle for good enough.

We believe that a healthy disciple is someone who is constantly growing to become more like Christ. The problem is there isn't a great way to measure how people are growing and see what they need help with.

With our simple, easy to use software, you can measure spiritual health, identify trends, and recognize areas that need improvement. There's no more guesswork. You get a full picture of how your church is doing at making disciples and can implement changes necessary to make a bigger impact. Ready to unlock the spiritual health data in your church?


Brandon Cox

Over a decade ago, I came across a printed spiritual health assessment. At the time, I knew I was holding something special and that every believer needed some kind of gauge for self-evaluation to measure actual spiritual growth and progress. Disciple Labs is that, but finely tuned for a tech-enabled church. This tool is going to help a lot of people grow spiritually, a lot of groups multiply, and a lot of churches achieve greater health and growth for the Kingdom's sake. I'm excited about it!

Kenny Kirby

I am excited that Disciple Labs has thought through practically how to gauge spiritual growth in our church. And the best part is those areas being measured are not oriented around cultural trends, but biblical mandates. Disciple Labs has picked up on Jesus definition of a disciple throughout the Gospels. The data Disciple Labs allows us to collect and review enables us as Pastors to continue to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and gives us better ways to pray for our church.

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