Introducing Next Steps By Disciple Labs: A Complete Discipleship Solution

We started building Disciple Labs in late 2017 after hearing from hundreds of pastors who were struggling to make authentic disciples. We learned that pastors struggle to know if they’re being effective at helping people grow and launched our automated spiritual health assessment to provide those pastors with real data.

Today, we’re taking launching Next Steps, an exciting new feature in Disciple Labs that provides each person in your church a personalized next step based on the results of their spiritual health assessment. This provides you with an easy to use system to meet the individual needs of each person in your church.

The next steps are completely customizable by you and can include links to any resource on the internet! That means you can link to things like small groups on your website, a sermon series, or your favorite YouVersion Bible plan.

After someone completes their spiritual health assessment, they will automatically receive an email that contains a next step based on their overall health score, and two next steps based on their two lowest spiritual health areas like prayer, worship, or giving.

A Complete Discipleship Solution

With Next Steps now available, Disciple Labs is a complete discipleship solution for your church. Think of it like the extra staff member who is able to meet with every person in your church individually and provide them with a personalized plan to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Here’s how it works.

You start by adding your people to Disciple Labs. You can easily export everyone from your Church Management System and import them directly into Disciple Labs. Once you’ve added your people, you can sort them into different ministry areas like small group leaders, kids ministry volunteers, regular attenders, etc. These custom ministry areas help you to better see how people are growing across various areas in your church.

After you’ve finished adding everyone to their ministry areas, you’ll set up next steps. You’ll set a next step for three different score ranges and for each spiritual health area. As soon as your done, you’ll flip the switch on and your church members will automatically receive the next steps you’ve created based on their assessment results.

Once you’ve finished adding people, setting up ministry areas, and creating next steps, it’s time to send out the survey. Disciple Labs is preconfigured to send out the spiritual health assessment every three months. This helps to keep spiritual health at the forefront of everyone’s mind and gives you unique data points throughout the year to see if things are improving or declining over time.

Once the survey is sent out the first time, it’s automatically scheduled for the future. There’s nothing you need to do. When it’s time to complete the assessment, each person will receive an email letting them know they can take the assessment. Each person has their own dashboard where they can keep track of their own spiritual health over time. As soon as they’ve completed the assessment they’ll receive their next steps in their email.

As a staff member, you’ll get great data that helps you to make better ministry decisions because you’ll know exactly where your people are at. You’ll see the average health score, a historic graph of how the score has changed over time, and a ranking of each spiritual health area to know what areas your church is strong and weak in. You can also see all of that information on a per ministry basis and for each individual.

This type of data coupled with personalized next steps gives you a powerful discipleship toolkit that helps you to make better disciples.

Want to try it for yourself? Get started with Disciple Labs for just $9 for up to 100 people. See all pricing options here.