Disciple Labs exists to empower churches to make disciples who make disciples

Our Story

In late 2017, after talking with hundreds of pastors who were all struggling with discipleship and knowing how to help their people grow, Kevin Fontenot (Founder/ CEO) decided that he wanted to build a software tool to help pastors solve those problems. As a former small groups pastor, Kevin had experience creating and using a spiritual health assessment to help people find out where they were at in their walk with God to help them take their next steps. Kevin approached his teammates at TrainedUp about working with him on the new initiative and they came on board right away as co-founders and investors in the company.

After working on the initial product with Jared Gibson (Co-Founder/ CTO) and Scott Magdalein (Co-Founder/ Advisor) for months, they launched Disciple Labs in April 2018, as an easy to use discipleship tool that helped pastors measure where the people in their church were at in their walks with God with a software-based spiritual health survey. This empowered each person to see the areas they’re struggling in and allowed pastors to see data and make changes in their ministry strategy at the church-wide, ministry area, and individual level. In July 2018, Disciple Labs released a major update to include a new feature that automatically sent customized next steps to each person based on their individual health assessment results.

The team at Disciple Labs is commited to helping churches make disciples who make disciples. Our vision is to help at least 1,000 churches make over 100,000 disciples by the year 2022.

Our Values

We Are Gospel Centered

The Gospel is central to everything we do at Disciple Labs. We’ve been changed by the love of God and seek to provide tools and resources to help others experience the freedom found only through Christ.

We Are Discipleship Focused

We are not simply saved from death and hell. We are saved to make an impact in the lives of the people around us. We believe that a healthy Christian is someone who is being discipled and is actively discipling others. We’re committed to building tools and resources that facilitate discipleship.

We Are Growth Oriented

Anything healthy is growing. A healthy Christian is growing in knowledge as well as love for God and people. A healthy church is growing in numbers and impact. We believe that a church that focuses on spiritual growth will always grow.

We Are Tech Enabled

We live in the most technology driven period of human history. While we know that discipleship happens in the context of real relationships, we’re committed to building tech-based tools and resources to make discipleship easier and more effective.

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